Plantnode OPC

Plantnode OPC is designed to collect data from machines that are controlled by PLCs and are connected to an OPC network.

This connection method allows us to integrate into the production process in the least invasive way possible. It reduces the hardware required and we are able to automatically extract substantial amounts of information such as the sources of lost efficiency in downtime, performance (production speed), and scrap.

The key differentiator of this product is its precision and its fast and simple installation (days).

All information can be visualized in real time through monitors at the plant floor and through any mobile device.

Plantnode 360

This solution integrates hardware and software and is designed to connect to manufacturing lines with digital sensors. It allows us to collect data from the process automatically and allows workers to visualize information in real time.



Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Plantnode by Shoplogix uses the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) KPI to measure the production capacity of the plant or process.

3 Levels of Value Creation and Benefits

The Black Box Concept

In a product process one generally knows the inputs:

-raw materials



And the outputs:

-finished products


The causes of the inefficiencies within the process are generally unknown, thus its similarity to a black box. After installing a process monitoring system like Shoplogix, the process becomes easy to analyze and investment decisions become quantifiable. Shoplogix identifies the inefficiencies and calculates the opportunity cost in number of parts that could have been produced.  

Key Differentiators