Shoplogix empowers companies to outperform.

With strong presence in over 20 countries, the Shoplogix software helps manufacturing companies boost productivity through:   

La verdad de la máquina (Machine Truth)

Machine Truth

Automatic data collection from manufacturing lines provides precise and objective data with a minimum effort. The transition from manual to automatic data collection increases cost efficiency and saves time.

Visualize Success

Our software allows the different levels of the organization to visualize production data in real time. At the plant floor data is projected through large monitors. Managers can access reports through any mobile device or pc.

Employee Engagement

Precise data will help understand what is really affecting production and will provide the tools and analysis necessary to invest in eliminating inefficiencies. Positive results will keep employees engaged in the continuous improvement of the organization.

Continuous Improvement

The wide selection of reports allows workers to track continuous
improvement projects, the information is available in real time to feed other computer´s tools.